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Potters Industries LLC, is a leading producer of engineered glass materials serving the oil and gas Industry, polymer additives, highway safety, metal finishing, and conductive particle markets.Through its research and technology advancements, Potters has developed product lines that include hollow glass microspheres used as weight-reducing fillers in fabricated plastics, automotive body putties, as extenders in adhesives and paints/coating formulations and are used as sensitizers in industrial explosives.

Potters is the largest producer worldwide of highway safety marking glass beads, metal finishing beads for cleaning and strengthening metals, glass media for grinding and dispersing, glass microspheres for friction and weight reduction in oil drilling applications and metal-coated particles to provide electromagnetic shielding interference of electronic parts. Potters worldwide manufacturing and distribution network supplies its customers from 25 strategically located production points – 12 in the U.S. and Canada, two each in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan and one each in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland and Thailand.
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